What is Lumina Smart Lighting Solution?

Lumina is a complete smart lighting system that intelligently automates and controls lighting operations. It enables customers to benefit from smart energy usage providing such elements as safety & security, cost saving and ultimately digital operations.

All-in-one smart lighting solution for professionals

  • Demand driven lighting hours
  • Fix it before it breaks
  • Monitor lights from anywhere, on your device
  • Know ambient working environment for additional comfort
  • Mimic human presence for secure environments

How does Lumina Smart Lighting work?

Learn more about Lumina technical specification

Lumina Smart Lighting Features

iot protocols


Techwave’s robust and scalable IoT platform with user interface and REST API’s to provision and manage multiple IoT entities with option to integrate with existing 3rd party applications.

iot protocols


One hardware board supporting multiple connectivity options, such as DALI, Zigbee for lights and Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE for gateway connections.

iot protocols


Comes with built-in AES, 128-bit symmetric key encryption and complies to NIST compliant specifications for cybersecurity framework.

iot protocols


Measure temperature, humidity, dust particles and luminosity along with built-in dimming feature, all with a single hardware board.

iot protocols

Smart Alert & Notification Engine

Custom alerts through SMS, E-Mail and in-built app notifications to remain in constant touch with your lighting operations.

iot protocols

Rule Based Lighting Operations

Create custom schedules, define lighting regions for full control of your lighting operations.

Areas of Application

Lighting Manufacturers

Industrial Spaces

Office Spaces

Tell us about your business needs and we will tell you about the possibilities.