Based on flexible microservices, Cosmos Platform easily adapts to any application and need. It can seamlessly scale from start-up size needs to a giant enterprise’s and supports advanced deployment for multi-cloud IoT. 

Cosmos IoT Platform

  • Connect and manage devices via cloud
  • Wirelessly collect and visualize your data
  • Enterprise-grade security in and around of your IoT device network
  • Orchestrate single and multicloud IoT deployments with ease

No matter the IoT need, Cosmos can get you there easily.

Cosmos Features

Cosmos handles the entire process of IoT application creation, from hardware-cloud integration to rules automation and customized user experience. Cosmos provides a set of the most wanted IoT features out of the box and offers flexible customization options to ensure your project goals are always fully met.

CONNECT with Standard, open protocols on encrypted channels for secure data

VISUALIZE data with zero set up or Create interactive user interfaces with integration with 3rd party visualization tools

MANAGE all devices and credentials and arrange devices into groups

CONFIGURE device behavior via data push or pull and apply configurations to device groups and Queue configuration for offline devices

COLLECT large scale data reliably with smart battery consumption and network optimization

EXECUTE commands remotely and Pull current device status 

PROCESS AND ANALIZE any data stores and analyze with proprietary or COTS system with customized automation scenarios

UPDATE new features to devices and Track current device software with the ability to manage compatibility and even roll back updates

Cosmos Advantages

The Cosmos Enterprise IoT Platform has been designed to deliver enterprise-level IoT solutions from the beginning. It brings IoT architecture into the modern era with highly portable micro-services, giving you flexibility to rearrange and customize at any stage. It allows scalability and offering the freedom to choose your own style of deployment.