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Consumer Electronics
Remote Control, Smart event interaction, collect user experience and usage data, Monitor performance, Remote device updates
Manage all devices, remote patient condition monitoring, HIPAA data security, predictive device maintenance
Industrial IoT
Remote production monitoring, predictive maintenance, workforce tracking, unified factory interconnectivity
Smart City
Smart city Lighting, public services tracking, energy saving buildings, smart grid automation Ad-hoc traffic control
Controlled firmware updates, Topic- Based Notifications, Autonomous Interoperability, Sensor Based Hardware Support
Smart Energy
Smart Metering, Fault Detection, Smart Grid Monitoring, Remote Infrastructure Maintenance, QoS Data Analysis.
Real Time Fleet Management, Predictive Maintenance, Cargo Monitoring, Smart Labels, Storage Conditions and Control
Sport & Fitness
Fitness Tracking, Smart Sports Equipment, Real Time Analytics, Sportswear Sensors, Remote Equipment Control
Remote Equipment/Crop Monitoring, Sensor Based field mapping, Climate forecasting, Livestock tracking
Smart Retail
Mobile Shopping Apps, Item Tracking, Customer Analytics, Mobile Payments, Bespoke Digital Marketing, Interactive Signage

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